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Language: Hindi

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Learn Basic Astrology course

Understand the exquisite harmonization of planets and stars.

The term ‘Astrology’ refers to the study of how stars, planets and other cosmic bodies can influence our daily lives. Often this is believed to be predicted by horoscopes but astrology also refers to people being influenced by constellations and alignments in space.

Everybody gets awed to see the coordination between the stars and the planet, ever thought to have a close look at this coordination and know the mysterious bond between both?

How Asttrolok is different than other institutes for learning Vedic knowledge

Asttrolok, is a joint venture that was envisioned and established by two gentlemen, who had one common ideology; to serve knowledge that liberates. It began with shunning the most common portrayal of practitioners in this field. Asttrolok was never supposed to be known for traditional avatars, mystic sham & lucky stones, but only for promoting the heritage and teaching of this subject that has been a part of our ancient Indian history ever since.

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