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Astrology Advance Level

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Alok Khandelwal


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Astrology is an experience that helps to avoid is unpleasantness in life. And to get closer to this art, welcome to the intermediate level. Astrology intermediate level lets you understand the Sade Sathi Ashtam Sani, the most significant part that every astrologer needs to have experience with. Under the course, you will be understanding the explanation of Lagna lord and its effect in the different houses along with the impact of the bhava lords with the detailed study about Gochar or Transit, Mahadasha Antar Dasha, chart prediction, Raj yoga, and Dhan yogas.

Asttrolok, is a joint venture that was envisioned and established by two gentlemen, who had one common ideology; to serve knowledge that liberates. It began with shunning the most common portrayal of practitioners in this field. Asttrolok was never supposed to be known for traditional avatars, mystic sham & lucky stones, but only for promoting the heritage and teaching of this subject that has been a part of our ancient Indian history ever since.

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